Monthly Archives: February 2016

First pro sale

I am thrilled beyond belief to announce that I’ve sold my posthuman tragic romance, “Meltwater,” to Strange Horizons!

This is my first professional-rate sale, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a story very close to my weird little brain, and Strange Horizons is right up by the top of the list of places I wanted to sell it. For those not in the SFF short fiction world, Strange Horizons is one of the top online short fiction publishers, with many Hugo and other nominations under its belt. I’ve been reading stuff there for ages, and I’m excited to count myself among its contributors!

Best of all, Strange Horizons’ stories are always free online. So you all will be able to read my story as soon as it goes live, probably sometime in late Spring!

January 2016 update

One month of 2016 already down! Goodbye, time. I scarcely new you.

  1. I’ve been spending a bunch of my creative energy working on a historical fantasy live-action roleplaying game set at the 1815 Congress of Vienna, which will run at Intercon P in Massachusetts in two and a half weeks. 38 characters! Swathes of system! Politics, intrigue, secret societies, guest appearances by Edmund Blackadder, even a totally shoehorned reference to Aaron Burr! I’m very excited to see this thing go live. Doubly so now that the work is all done.
  2. My other major timesink this month has been the Weekend Warrior contest on Codex. Every weekend, 51 hours to produce a 750-word story. After 4 stories, I can conclude that I’m not great at flash fiction; but it’s still a great productive experience, since at least 3 of these will be worth expanding into a real story.
  3. I’ve also been touching up the Conquistador Dragons story. It’s in “final read-aloud” stage and should go off to beta readers before the weekend. I’ve spent so long staring at this story, my eyes have lost all objectivity.
  4. This year I’ll be going to my first Worldcon. More excitingly yet, I’ll be a panelist! Probably more for my science and Mars-spouse status than for my writing, but it’ll be a few months before I have the specifics.
  5. Current submission count: 13 live ones; at least one on shortlist.

Finally, this morning I just got some awesome news — but that’s February news, so y’all will have to wait!