Monthly Archives: March 2016

Mars: Day 205

We’re nearly 7 months in to my wife’s simulated Mars mission, and it’s time for a little update.

Her thoughts at the 6 month mark, and at day 200: the bewilderment of an I-love-Justin-Bieber sticker collection secreted away by previous Mars crews, the shocking intensity of a fresh tomato.

But you don’t just have to read about it: you can watch the crew in action via short videos in all kinds of places, such as their weekly slot on the History Channel show History NOW,  BBC Stargazing, or at VICE Media.

If you watch that last one, you will see my secret identity – and more importantly, my highly photogenic cats!

If you want to keep abreast on news from the mission, let me know via email or comment! This is entirely distinct from my author mailing list.

Mailing List & Contact Page

I have a new Contact Page! The most exciting thing about it is the mailing list signup, which I’ve replicated right here so you don’t even have to click an extra link. Enter your email address to stay informed when I have writing news to share, whether it’s a new publication or some other exciting project. I promise no more than one email a month, sometimes fewer!

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February 2016 Update

Not too much to report this month! I had a ton of non-writing things to overfill my time. Two long-weekend vacations (including a 16-hour drive transformed into 25 by a rockslide, oy), and running a giant historical fantasy live-action roleplaying game. Which went awesomely! All the contingencies happened, both political and esoteric!

I did sell a story to Strange Horizons at the beginning of the month, but if you’re reading this blog, you already know that! What else? I launched two pieces out for critique, and I began outlining my novel. I have one short story that everyone says “this should be a novel,” and it’s time to put the money where my words are1. Of course, I still need to figure out Acts 4-5 before I dig into the prose, but it’s coming along!