About the Author

I’m a speculative fiction author, graduate of Viable Paradise 18, and SFWA Associate Member. My writing touches on themes of science and faith, the human mind and the inhuman mind, and where these four intersect.

I also work as an Associate Editor (slush reader) for the excellent Escape Pod. The best place on the internet for audio science fiction!

How can I contact you?

Sign up for my newsletter (see sidebar), email me at benjamin.c.kinney@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter at @BenCKinney. See here for more info, including upcoming convention appearances.

Is that your real name?

Nope! I publish under a pen name because my real name is associated with my nonfiction work, and I want separate google searches for those two tracks. I am a neuroscientist currently working in St. Louis, Missouri. My research interests include how the the brain’s mechanisms of handedness interact with nerve injuries and rehabilitation.

Why that pen name?

“Kinney” is a re-spelling of my mother’s maiden name, and the “C” is a family heirloom from my father’s side. Some puns survive for generations.

What does your website title mean?

It’s a reference to a stage of neural development that continues in the brain until adulthood: neural pruning. It’s my way of saying “website/life under development” in a too-clever neuroscience way.

I heard your wife went to Mars! Is that true?

As true as it gets! Thankfully, she came back!

What is your all-time favorite endorsement?

“you are the soul of books” – Chuck Tingle

Tell me something else! Down with the FAQ format!

Let us dance among its cinders while I proclaim myself a member of the Codex writers’ group!

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