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Escape Pod

I’m delighted to announce that as of this morning, I am the new Assistant Editor at Escape Pod!

This is a very exciting step up! Longtime editor Norm Sherman is stepping aside, and previous Assistant Editor S.B. Divya has stepped up to be Co-Editor, alongside the equally excellent Mur Lafferty.

As Assistant Editor, I’ll be responsible for looking at the comments of our Associate Editors (slush readers, such as I was for the past year), converting most of them into rejection letters, and sending the top few up to our editors. For those of you curious how our process works, or what our rejection letters mean, stay tuned – I plan to share my process once it becomes established and stable!

I’m thrilled to step up into this greater role & responsibilities with the amazing team at Escape Pod and the whole Escape Artists podcast family. For those of you who write, go forth and send us your best science fiction. For all of you out there, subscribe to our podcast or read the texts – we’ve got a lot of great stories for you!

Story Sale: Cyborg Sharks!

I’m thrilled to announce that my flash-length science fiction story, Cyborg Shark Battle (Season 4, O’ahu Frenzy), will be appearing in the Cat’s Breakfast anthology, coming out this summer in e-book and paper from Third Flatiron Press!

It’s a small press, but they’re a pro market, and from what I hear about the table of contents, it’s going to an amazing anthology, on the theme of Kurt Vonnegut’s style and sensibility. I think my little story will fit right in, with its dry and wicked tale of the back-stage and -stabbing shenanigans among reality TV show competitors. And cyborg sharks, naturally.

I’ll be back to tell you more about it in June when the anthology comes out!

Monthly updates?

Once upon a time (in the bygone days of 2016), I would post monthly news updates here. This year, not so much. Too redundant, with all else going on. If you still want to see a once-monthly roundup of what I’ve been doing, sign up for my mailing list! It has all the same stuff you would’ve read here, plus exclusive content of story excerpts and cat photos.

But fear not – new events and excitements will continue to appear here as they happen!

Reprint publication – Sweeter than Lead

My neo-Lovecraftian short story, “Sweeter than Lead,” is now up at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores!

Subscription required, but it’s only a few dollars a year – and all the stories there (mine included) come with original artwork! Money well spent, with the articles and stories that come out every week.

If you want to read more about the story, check out the notes that accompanied its original publication at PodCastle.