February 2015 Update

Time for an end-of-February update! Just a quick one, since my blog has been full of posts this week.

I have seven stories out under submission — all of them launched Jan 29 or later — and I think three of them are real winners. (Including my Viable Paradise Thursday story!) None of them are at fast markets, but I should hear about a few by the end of March.

I’m currently working on three pieces, all of which have me very excited:

  • “The Distant Shore,” my VP submission piece, has gotten another deep discussion and rethink, and I have lots of ideas! This is aside for the moment as I focus on…
  • A story I’m writing for a contest at Codex. I don’t want to give a title or anything too identifying, because it’s an anonymous contest and I don’t want any other Codexians to figure out which is mine!  This is my first totally-new piece in months, and it’s full of imagery and tone that I’ve been wanting to use for a long time, so I’m very excited to get back to it.
  • Just this afternoon I set aside “The Promise of Iron,” a major rewrite of the piece shortlisted for last year’s James White Award. It’s still a steampunk piece about Jews in 1850s Budapest, and now more awesome than ever. For a while it was my best story, and I think it’s regained that perch. I plan to send it to Hidden Youth in April.

And my first publication is due to appear in Fictionvale this month! Woo!

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