Short Stories


• “Where the Anchor Lies” (science fantasy).
Beneath Ceaseless Skies: forthcoming February 2018

• “The Hammer’s Prayer” (contemporary fantasy).
Diabolical Plots: forthcoming December 2018
– Will be available first in Diabolical Plots Year Four anthology, September 2018

• “Toward Lands Uncharted” (fantasy).
Mind Candy Vol. 1 anthology, Myriad Paradigm Publishing: forthcoming January 2018

• “The Coin of Leadership” (steampunk military adventure).
– Stupefying Stories: forthcoming

2017 – 2nd year of Campbell eligibility – Award Eligibility post

• “The Setting of the Sun” (hard science fiction). Author notes
– Compelling Science Fiction (August 2017): read online
SFVN fanzine (October 2017): Vietnamese translation

• “Cyborg Shark Battle (Season 4, O’ahu Frenzy)” (science fiction satire).1 Author notes
Cat’s Breakfast anthology, Third Flatiron Press (June 2017): buy on Amazon.

2016 – 1st year of Campbell eligibility – Award Eligibility post

• “Shiplight” (science fiction).2 Author notes
Metaphorosis (September 2016): read online

• “The Time Cookie Wars” (science fiction black comedy).3 Author notes
Flash Fiction Online (August 2016): read online
– purchase audiobook
Curious Fictions reprint: read online

• “Sweeter than Lead” (neo-Lovecraftian dark fantasy). Author notes
PodCastle original (July 2016, ep. 426): podcast or read online
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores reprint (March 2017), with original art: subscribe & read

• “The First Confirmed Case of Noncorporeal Recursion: Patient Anita R.” (contemporary fantasy).4 Author notes
Strange Horizons (June 2016): read online, podcast
Event Horizons 2017 anthology: no longer available
Curious Fictions reprint: read online. Featured Story for the week of 11/2/2017

• “Meltwater” (science fiction). Author notes
Strange Horizons (March 2016): read online or podcast
Escape Pod reprint (Feb 2017, ep. 562): read online or podcast
Curious Fictions reprint: read online


• “The Wind and the Spark” (steampunk). Author notes
Fictionvale (October 2015): no longer available
Digital Science Fiction reprint (August 2017): Purchase anthology


• “Right Hand, Human Brain: The Mysteries of Handedness,” (October 15, 2017). Author notes with bonus trivia (lobes of the brain)

NeuroThursday (a.k.a. Twitter hashtag #NeuroThursday) weekly feature (Jan 13, 2017-ongoing)

• “What Authors Should Know about Cybernetics” in Putting the Science in Fiction, edited by Dan Koboldt (Writer’s Digest Books, forthcoming fall 2018)

Interview on science & writing for Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores Science News (July 10, 2017)

• “Tools and Problems of Modern Neuroscience,” File 770 (February 3, 2017)

• “The Evolved Brain,” Clarkesworld (January 2017). Author notes & references.

• “Seven Things Authors Should Know About Cybernetics,” Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fantasy (May 28, 2015).

• A stack of peer-reviewed scientific publications under my real name.


• Assistant Editor of Escape Pod, starting May 2017.


• Currently in second year of eligibility for John W. Campbell award for new writers. (“Meltwater” began my Campbell clock, as my first publication with a pay rate > 2¢/word.)

• Writers of the Future Contest award count: 6 Honorable Mentions, 2 Silver Honorable Mentions, 1 Finalist.

• Various 2016 award recommended reading lists. See footnotes by individual stories.

• “The Promise of Iron” was a finalist in the 2015 Friends of the Merrill Short Story Contest.

• Winner of various contests on the Codex writers group (2015-2017).

• Winner of Steven Brust’s One-Sentence Worldbuilding Contest (2015): “The legionnaires drove the sandgrouse from the oasis, and the spirits from their shrines, but they could not quiet the ghosts on the salt-flat wind.”

• “The Demands of Iron” was shortlisted for the 2014 James White Award.


• “Congress of Vienna” theater LARP, head GM (Intercon 2016, ProCon 2004)

• “Second Dawn” theater LARP, head GM (Intercon 2013, ProCon 2007)

• “Age of Dragons” theater LARP, co-GM (ProCon 2005)

  1. CSBS4OF was a starred recommendation on the Tangent Online 2017 Recommended Reading List
  2. Shiplight made the SFWA 2016 Suggested Reading List
  3. Time Cookie Wars made the Tangent 2016 Recommended Reading List
  4. Recursion made the SFWA 2016 Suggested Reading List, the Diabolical Plots Hugo/Nebula Recommendation List, and was recommended by Rocket Stack Rank

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