First publication upcoming

My steampunk1 story, “The Wind and the Spark,” should finally be appearing in Fictionvale at the end of next week! This was one of the first stories I ever wrote — maybe the 3rd I ever completed. It’s certainly the first story I sold, back in April 2014, so I’m thrilled for it to hit press at last after many delays and diversions.

I’ll have a post or two more about it next week when the story emerges. I definitely want to have one demographic discussion (also known as “ugh my newbie story has no female characters whatsoever”), and maybe some story notes if I want to expound on the story’s spoilery s personal/professional resonances.

  1. Only insofar as *punk just means *genre. This story isn’t punk at all, given that it concerns academics and military officers. But damned if I can find a better genre title. Steam automaton science mystery?

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