July 2015 Update

I now have more stories out on submission than ever: 10, of which I’m very confident about two or three, particularly for the Hidden Youth anthology. Now I have to sit and wait for months! Aiee!

I got a lot of work done on the “hilarious new story idea” from my last two posts. The Fairy Gentrification story is about 90% of the way through its second revision, but I got sidelined by…

A Codex writing contest helped me pound out two great little pieces of flash fiction. I have to be vague because the contest is still ongoing, but I’m proud of them both. One is full of ridiculous black humor, and needs only a quick little revise before it’s ready for submission. The other one is so dense it deserves to be expanded to 2-3x the length, if not a whole dang novel. I got bit by the worldbuilding bug, and that infection plays badly with a 1000-word limit!

Writing resolutions for next month: submit flash-1, rewrite flash-2 as short story, get Fairy Gentrification to the outside-critiquer point. If I finish all those, it’ll be back to Conquistador Dragons for a fresh disemboweling1.

Personal notes: Going to Boston this weekend to see friends! I also have some more HUGE news, but I’m going to save that for its own post on Monday. Of course, anyone reading this blog has probably heard me crow about it already 🙂

  1. Of the story, not in the story

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