Remo Birthday Guidelines

Welcome to the Remo Void Birthday party for Ben & Shey!

Remo is new to us, but it’s very user-friendly. Double-clock on a table to move there. Tables seat up to 6 people (plus some bonus slots for hosts). The chat allows you to send table-specific or party-wide messages. There is no “non-table” space. If you want to say something to the whole party, ask a host (Ben or Shey) to give you Speaker Powers.

There will be lots of different groups of people here – family and friends of each of us, from all kinds of places. (Ben mostly invited the people he thinks of as Boston Area People but that was based on sheer inertia from the in-person party, and Shey didn’t follow that rule in the slightest.) This is a chance not only to meet old friends, but also to make new ones! Go meet people!

You are welcome to tell the truth AND/OR lies about how you know Ben & Shey. At the end of the party, let us know your favorite story (true/lie??) that you heard. The most popular will win a prize. (Note: prize may be the adulation of your friends and peers.)

Many households received a party favor. We sent them out to people who confirmed & got their addresses to us early in the week, so apologies if you didn’t get one (but also be aware they could be in transit). Please make good use of them now & in the future!

Etiquette and conduct

Please move freely among the tables! Circulating often makes the party work better for everyone. “Irish goodbyes” (leaving without saying anything) are strongly recommended. (Is that term racist??)

Do not take screenshots or make recordings without explicit permission from everyone involved. (That is potentially a lot of people, if their names appear in the background. When in doubt, don’t take the screenshot.)


Remo only allows 2.5 hours per event, so there are three Remo links: one for 6-8:30 CDT, one for 8:15-10:45 CDT, and one for 10:30-1am CDT. See Evite for the links. I doubt we’ll actually need #3, but I figured I’d start ambitious.

Some tables will have recommended conversation topics (via the table names), including things like Jackbox games. Most tables won’t be topic-specified. If you have a suggestion for a table idea, tell a host. Same goes if you have something you’d like to lead, spontaneously or otherwise: more games, karaoke, DJing, or General Troubles of your preferred flavor.

Table titles/topics should be taken as signposts, not rules.