Motion Illusions and Adaptation

I don’t care if it’s Tuesday! Linear time bends to my whim, and we have a NeuroThursday on the ubiquitous “motion aftereffect” illusion, and the cellular properties that cause it!


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Fictionvale Approaching

This is the first story I sold, submitted back on New Years’ Eve of 2013. From the shaky internet connection of an AirBnB cabin in Arizona, if memory serves. Excited to see it hit print at last!

The author bio is a bit out of date now, but not too badly. I’m sure any stalkers can track down my move from central to eastern Missouri!

Stay tuned for Fictionvale Episode 6’s release at the end of this week…


So my wife and I were walking through Boston yesterday, searching for Vietnamese sandwiches and some piece of public art we’d read about, and—




Leonard Nimoy: Life, Death, and Purpose

One of my college friends wrote the following about Leonard Nimoy’s death, and I wanted to save and share it here:

Today we’ve lost one of the quintessential icons of contemporary drama and of American Jewry.

You can use a fairy tale to start a conversation about our responsibilities to our fellow human beings. You can be beloved by those from another culture—another planet, another species—without sloughing off your own. And you can change that alien culture to value you and yours just a little bit more.

To boldly teach us that was his 83-year mission. He lived long, and we all prospered.

-Jesse Rosbrow


I now have a twitter feed! Not that there’s anything of interest on there yet, but I’ll give this thing a whirl. Once upon a time I tried it for my professional science life, and gave that up straightaway due to a lack of interesting science to say (or read) in 140-character chunks. I’ll watch and learn and hopefully find more things to chirp about on this side of my life?


Website startup

Welcome to my bare-bones website! There’s only a little bit to see thus far; the links at the top of the page should work, but that’s about it.

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