April 2015 update

I guess the biggest news in my personal writing world is that Fictionvale is closing. Sad news! I had such a great editorial experience there. They’re still planning to release the final issue (with my story in it), but there is no official release date yet. So it goes.

I had been pounding through a couple of stories (new and revised both) for the Hidden Youth anthology, but the submission deadline got delayed from 4/30 to 7/31, so I now have a little breathing room to work on some other stuff and return later to my suite of stories about 19th-century Hungarian Jews.

What other stuff? Well, right now it’s back to my Conquistador Dragons story for another revision pass at long last. I’m also working on a short AI Romance piece that I threw together in 4 days for a challenge on the Other Worlds writing group. It needs some serious revision and clarification, but it’s a beauty!

What else? Got a membership for MidAmericon2 next year in Kansas City, got a bunch of rejection letters; excited for 4th Street Fantasy and for my upcoming move to St. Louis. Lots of neuroscience, blah blah day job phantom pain cortical sensory remapping.

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