April 2016 Update

Today’s monthly update brought to you by the letter Coffee and the number 5:

5) Novel progress: on schedule, despite two weekends traveling! As of last night, the #cdnovel is just under 30k words.

4) Got an expected publication date for my next Strange Horizons story: June 6.

3) Loving my current short story. Can’t give you any details because it’s for an anonymized contest, but the project has me very excited (if slightly distracted from my novel).

2) I conjured a flash story from scratch to submission: a bit of black humor called The Time Cookie Wars. Because some days, snacktime destroys the multiverse.

1) This weekend I’m finally going to send something out to my mailing list. Sign up on the right if you want to hear publication announcements, exclusive content, and possible cat pictures!

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