Viable Paradise prep #1 – Reading List

So in anticipation for Viable Paradise XVIII in mid-October, I’ve been trying to read a good sample of books by all of the workshop’s instructors. I figured that tnowing more about their writing should help me appreciate and contextualize their awesomeness!

As background: I was so excited to apply to VP because I already loved Scott Lynch’s work from Lies of Lock Lamora and Red Seas under Red Skies, and Elizabeth Bear’s short work from 30th Annual Year’s Best Science Fiction (which included her In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns and The Wreck of the “Charles Dexter Ward”). I also read some of Stephen Brust’s Taltos novels a looong time ago, details fully faded from my memory.

So here’s what I have read thus far as my VP “homework”. I chose these books via a mix of what I wanted and what was available in my local library. Listed in order I read ’em.

  1. Scott Lynch: The Republic of Thieves
  2. Sherwood Smith: Inda
  3. Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald: The Price of the Stars
  4. Steven Brust: The Paths of the Dead
  5. Elizabeth Bear: Bone and Jewel Creatures
  6. Elizabeth Bear: Range of Ghosts

And yet to read:

  1. Steven Gould: Jumper
  2. Steven Brust: The Book of Jhereg (Taltos #1-3)
  3. Steven Gould: 7th Sigma

Next post: reviews!

2 thoughts on “Viable Paradise prep #1 – Reading List”

  1. I quite liked Bear’s Jenny Casey series that started with Hammered if you’re looking for more SF to read. I also liked The Price of the Stars (cheating and commenting on your next post at the same time) and have the sequels and prequel in my TBR pile. If you have a chance, hunt down Teresa’s “Making Book” – great essays. Yeah, I know, only three weeks to go, but I could’t resist!

  2. Looking for more SF to read… Hah! I have an intense backlog, this VP prep has really forced me to pick up my reading (though, of course, it’s mostly just made my TBR pile grow). I’ll definitely add that TNH book to my list, but between that and Taltos and maybe a MJ Locke book, I’m running short on pre-VP time!

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