Fourth Street Fantasy and June 2015

June was a busy month for me, in many ways other than actual writing: I moved into a new house, started a new job, and so forth. I also got sick… well, I’m sick now, but it started on the 30th so it still counts as June! Blame the illness if this post is some combination of short, rambly, and/or incoherent.

1) Attended Fourth Street Fantasy! This was my first time attending a convention in 8-10 years, and my first time as a writer. I learned a lot of things, had a lot of great conversations, saw a lot of great friends. Way too many folks to name: Viable Paradise classmates, folks I’d only seen as twitter thumbnails, professional writers and editors, new friends. I attended some fascinating panels, had thoughtful conversations on writing craft, got great advice, shared homemade pálinka, drank plentiful whiskey, talked neuroscience with Elizabeth Bear, and had a practically-jumping-up-and-down excited conversation with Max Gladstone. (Theological fantasy! Concepts made form! Behold the power of our genre!) So, yes: awesome con, would attend again; awesome people, can’t wait to see again!

2) Revised the banker-priestesses, conquistador dragons, posthuman romances, and sent them all out to markets and/or readers. Current count of active submissions: 7.

3) Very promising personal rejection from Strange Horizons on the story with Jews in the Hungarian revolution. I got a good strong reaction from the editors, very positive, even if it didn’t sell. And one of their critiques was actually useful (“oh, I hadn’t realized that would be a problem, good point”). Going out to Lightspeed as soon as they’ll take another story, and from there probably to Hidden Youth.

4) Not sure what’s going to happen with my story in Fictionvale. I still hope to publish as part of its final issue, and I had a great experience with the editor, but as of midnight tonight my contract is expired.

5) Got a hilarious new story idea. It started as a twitter joke, and then I found myself outlining it. Started putting pen to proverbial paper on it yesterday, but that was exactly when the sickness hit. Soon, though! Faeries and gentrification!

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