May 2015 Update

This month writing has been a bit slow, as I became a homeowner for the first time! The drag on my time1 may continue for a little bit longer, as my wife and I spend the next month on repairs and moving. And yet, I got a lot done…

1) Finished Meltwater, my posthuman romance story, and released it into the wild for its first submission.

2) Prepared two stories for release to markets that (re)open on June 1: one revision, and the first release of my contest-winner about Jews in the aftermath of the Hungarian Revolution. Consider them launched, albeit not until tomorrow morning.

3) Guest blog posting! Let me provide some useful science tips for writing about cyborgs!

4) Got my most interesting rejection letter ever. I’ve never before had a personal response wherein a reader just missed the point. To paraphrase: “The tone at the beginning was different from the ending.” Yes, that reversal of expectations is the joke; the threatening becomes humorous. “The description was lacking.” Yes, the POV character is not human, so she has unusual perceptual responses.

Oh well… After a day or two of frustration, I have decided to take it with amusement. A tiny bit of rewriting, and it’s already back off to its next submission!


And I’m back to the grind of rewriting. There’s always more awesome to include, isn’t there?

  1. Initially mistyped this as “dragon my time”. If only… I think?

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