March 2016 Update

March has been a busy month! It saw the publication of my first pro story, and many more of my recent stories getting released into the wilds for the first time. Of my 11 stories currently out on submission, 7 of them were launched in March. That includes first releases for my Conquistador Dragon epic fantasy (my many-times-rewritten Viable Paradise application piece), and the Sentient Mining Equipment space opera.

I also produced a new first draft, but I rather hate it, so it may go straight to the trunk. If I want to dig out and rewrite a story, I have better options in my backlog.

Despite that one diversion, I focused on a lot of revisions and releases this past month, because I wanted to clear my plate to focus on my novel! After about two weeks of work, the as-yet-unnamed Conquistador Dragon Novel is about 10k words in, and thus already the longest thing I’ve already written. I post regular novel-progress updates on twitter with the #cdnovel hashtag; not because the world cares about my daily wordcounts, but because the public announcement process keeps me motivated. Those 400-word days are embarrassing!

I seem to have joined a “Novel Before Worldcon” challenge (ahem, #NovelBeforeWorldCon), though I hope to have the first draft done well before then, despite the serious word count I need to rack up for an epic fantasy.

Finally, I have some good news that’s not yet ready for release. Stay tuned!

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