October 2015 Update

What a busy month! Victories and defeats aplenty.

  1. My first story came out!
  2. I sold my second story! (Within 24 hours of my first story coming out!)
  3. All four of the stories I had out on shortlists in August/September have been rejected. Boo.
  4. Won second place in the 2015 Codex Halloween Contest1 with an awesome new story about scientist ghosts. This was the super-challenging-to-me story I mentioned in my last monthly update. Man, it is hard to write a first-person scene where the character is not really conscious! But evidently I’ve done a solid job so far, and only better with another revision pass.
  5. Twitch-checking-email with stress because my favorite story is out at an anthology that was supposed to get back to authors by November 1. I’m not naming names because I don’t wanna deadline-shame, but hopefully I’ll hear back soon.
  6. Day job is crazy busy. Crazy SCIENCE busy. I spent a week at a conference last month, and now scurrying to write grants and lectures all due in the next week or two. So I’m a bit behind on writing, but hope to pour myself back in later this month; I have a couple of good pieces begging for revisions.
  1. At posting time, this contest isn’t yet up on the results page I’ve linked. But soon?

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