The Wind and the Spark

My first publication, “The Wind and the Spark,” is now for sale as part of Fictionvale Episode 6, alongside a host of other amazing authors and stories!

Fifty years into the Napoleonic Wars, a British scientist investigates automata that act not like machines, but like thinking creatures.”

You can buy the direct from the Fictionvale website, or from Amazon.

If you enjoy this story, wait until you see something I’ve written since 2013. Edited Oct 21: …including more upcoming stories set in the same universe!


This was one of my earlier-written stories, perhaps my third ever. Inspired by a late-night conversation back in Oregon, where I mentioned some piece of scientific history, and my friend’s jaw hit the floor1. I said, “Oh, that’s not common knowledge, is it?” And this story was born…

For some more thoughts inspired by the odd mix of characters in this story, see my previous post.

  1. In gratitude, I Tuckerized him into a walk-on role!

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