Story Sale: Shiplight

I’m thrilled to announce the sale of my story “Shiplight” to Metaphorosis, a magazine focused on beautifully written speculative fiction!

This is a story about humanity’s first extrasolar colony, and about generational divides. When a lucky few escape the bounds of Earth to settle on an uninhabited planet, what becomes of their children, who never knew the world that defines their parents?

Publication is planned for August or September, and I’ll let you all know when I have an exact date!

Non-Corporeal Recursion

My story “The First Confirmed Case of Non-Corporeal Recursion: Patient Anita R.” is up today on Strange Horizons!

(These author notes contain no spoilers for anything beyond the story’s first page.)

This piece doesn’t have a lot of secrets, no extensive authors’ notes. I might clarify that none of Anita’s science references are things I personally do; other than the choice of institution, her science life is not a window into mine. Well, except for the windowless basement lab. TRUE SUFFERINGS of a scientist’s life.

This story means a lot to me, but I don’t want to feed you an interpretation. Hopefully it touches you in some way that resonates with your own life. So rather than telling you what the story means to me, I can give a bit of its history:

I wrote this piece in fall of 2015, for the Codex 12th Annual Halloween Contest, where it took second place. The contest had a time limit and two rules: include something halloween-related (however vaguely or thematically), and use seeds given by fellow writers. I received the seed “the Halloween candy that you liked the least,” thus the role of candy corn1. I was more inspired by the chance to write something halloween-ish. When I began, I didn’t yet have a conflict or a plot, but I did have a character concept, one that had percolated in the back of my mind for a while:

In so many classic ghost stories, the spirit repeats and reenacts the moment of their death, again and again. I wondered: what – if anything – would that be like from the ghost’s point of view? And is there any way the ghost could move beyond that haunting state?


My first pro short story, Meltwater, is up today on Strange Horizons!

This is possibly the weirdest story I’ve ever written, despite its short length, but I love it all the more for that. Below the fold you’ll find some author’s notes. Contains some spoilers, so go read (or listen to) the story first .

Continue reading Meltwater

First pro sale

I am thrilled beyond belief to announce that I’ve sold my posthuman tragic romance, “Meltwater,” to Strange Horizons!

This is my first professional-rate sale, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a story very close to my weird little brain, and Strange Horizons is right up by the top of the list of places I wanted to sell it. For those not in the SFF short fiction world, Strange Horizons is one of the top online short fiction publishers, with many Hugo and other nominations under its belt. I’ve been reading stuff there for ages, and I’m excited to count myself among its contributors!

Best of all, Strange Horizons’ stories are always free online. So you all will be able to read my story as soon as it goes live, probably sometime in late Spring!

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